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About me

As an engineer, I've accrued experience across various industries, predominantly in logistics, sales, and business planning. Through these diverse roles, I've honed my ability to analyze intricate and abstract processes, effectively translating insights to clients in plain, understandable language.

Now, I've made the deliberate choice to pivot toward a more creative path, specifically in the realm of design within the internet era. My aim is to craft user flows and interface solutions, all while seeking out projects that leave a positive impact on the community, harnessing technology to enhance human experiences.

My driving force is the belief in the products or services I work on. I must find them not only interesting but also essential to the end-user. This deep conviction energizes me to fully deploy my skills and consistently exceed expectations.

I try to balance work with personal life, rationality with intuition, mind, and body. I've been practicing Yoga for more than fifteen years, and I've been a certified teacher for over five years.  I also travel whenever I can. I enjoy experiencing other cultures, to reshape my life perspective. My wife and I have made a home in Berlin, but we make sure we stay close to nature and our friends.

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