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ARRtist web revamp

Stepping on the web-developer shoes

The ARRtist website was a unique opportunity to build a website from scratch and understand the implications of designing downstream in the developing process.


After a successful debut year, the ARRtist team decided to expand their business and reimage their website.

Webflow was the tool of choice for building the new site. While no-coding friendly, it is fast to learn to use and particularly good regarding dynamic content.

ARRtist Logo P.png

ARRtist logo.

ARRtist Home Page P.png

HiFi Mock Example.

UX Design

The functional requirements of the site changed during the development process. The site needed a structure similar to the old one, and managing the content required it to be easier and more automated. The design of the data architecture was critical, and understanding how to create it in Webflow was the biggest challenge.

ARRtist LowFi WF.png

Wireframe example.

UI Design

The brand guidelines were not fully developed, which turned out to be an opportunity for me to develop the company image further. The most significant changes regarding the old site were:

  • Adding Poppins as a new typeface, considering the main one (Fredoka) was too informal. I also made use of heavy fonts on titles and headlines.

  • Incorporating dot patterns, solid circles, and light lines into a minimalist design.

  • Making the background black for all web pages and sections.

  • Creating duotone images to highlight the brand colors.


Example of actual page with dynamic content.

Web development

Building the site was a great learning experience in many ways. I had to adjust the design several times as new restrictions appeared while making each section.

As I mentioned, the biggest challenge was the dynamic content. I had to create a database that automatically created cards with unique color codes, images, links, and text depending on the type of participant, expert, or company.

Program 2023 Page P.png

An ongoing project

ARRtist business keeps expanding, and so does the site. As I write these lines, I focus on developing the dynamic content structure for the 2023 program page, where users can search activities by speaker, location, tags, and general text.

I’m also expanding on their corporate image creating graphics for social media content and printed material.

Social media designs for ARRtist event 2023

It is a continuous process that involves the entire ARRtist team, keeping a constant dialog to guarantee that everyone is 100% behind each design and developing decision.

Current Mock up of the 2023 Program.

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