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The ARRtist CIRCUS has been, by far, the most creatively inspiring project I have worked on in terms of visual design. I was granted a high degree of creative freedom, and I seized the opportunity to push the boundaries of my creativity to the fullest.


ARRtist aimed to establish a SaaS Sales event that would be recognized as a platform for sales teams to come together, fostering camaraderie, competition, learning, training, and an enjoyable fun experience.

Additionally, they sought to harness the AI trend to produce AI portraits of the event participants.

It was from one of these initial AI-generated images that the foundational elements of the brand image were born.

CIRCUS AI Reference.png

AI image used for the developement of the brand.

The visual design process

ARRtist Circus Home.png

I had limited influence on the UX design as the team had already established a clear structure for the website and their intended communication goals. However, when it came to the brand image, aside from the initial AI images they wanted as reference, there was a blank canvas. In response, I proposed a distinctive visual language. Following ARRtist's characteristic fast-paced development process, I had to develop the brand simultaneously with creating mockups for various pages and sections.

The journey began with the selection of a vibrant color palette. Surprisingly, the bold color choices received a warm reception, which emboldened me to pursue a distinctive brand image, evoking a sense of fun with a touch of vintage circus charm. I drew inspiration from antique circus visuals and Victorian patterns. The fusion of a vintage typeface (Bevan) with a contemporary sans-serif (Spartan) was the final touch. This brand style harmonized beautifully with the AI portraits of the participants, bridging the retro aesthetics with the digital age.

LInkedIn Mockup.jpg

Design for social media campaign

Upon the website's launch, we received enthusiastic feedback on social media, celebrating the originality of our marketing strategy and brand design.

My prior experience in building several websites on Webflow significantly informed the visual design process. It allowed me to comprehend both the possibilities and constraints of the development process. My confidence in pushing for such bold design choices stemmed from my assurance that they could be seamlessly translated into web code.

Original mock-up of the home page

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