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Hey there,
I'm Daniel.

I am a UX/UI designer and a proficient no-code web developer with a foundation in Industrial Engineering. Crafting captivating human experiences fuels my daily work. My passion lies in comprehending, designing, and innovating solutions for user's needs and challenges.

My Work

Devices Mockup CIRCUS.jpg

The ARRtist CIRCUS has been, by far, the most creatively inspiring project I have worked on in terms of visual design. I was granted a high degree of creative freedom, and I seized the opportunity to push the boundaries of my creativity to the fullest.

The Koalamind project was a comprehensive overhaul, encompassing the entire spectrum from crafting user journeys to the actual development of the website on Webflow. The primary challenge lay in striking a harmonious balance between a polished, professional appearance and an inviting, personal touch.

Koalamind Header.png
ARRtist Thumb.jpg

Creating the ARRtist website marked my inaugural opportunity to construct a website from the ground up and comprehend the significance of design decisions in the downstream development process.

What began as a rebranding initiative ultimately evolved into a comprehensive website overhaul. This project offered a distinctive opportunity to apply a wide array of design tools, all while enjoying the complete freedom to explore and express creativity to its fullest extent.

Daily UI.jpg

Recently, I embarked on the Daily UI challenge, committing to 100 days of design. Thus far, it has proven to be a tremendously rewarding experience. Not only does it provide ample room for continuous learning, but it also serves as an exceptional platform to share my visual design journey with others.

Weekly magazines are facing significant challenges in their transition to the digital realm. The hurdle extends beyond the mere search for a new business model; it necessitates a complete redefinition of their design strategy.

Devices Mockup 11.png

Preventive healthcare relies heavily on behavioral change. Lively was an end-to-end design project that allowed me to explore the potential of an online platform to facilitate change in users' habits towards a healthier lifestyle.

I felt close to this project because I am currently learning German while expanding my vocabulary in English. Being this my first approach to UX design, the biggest takeaway was that investing in research always pays back.

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