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Expanding a Brand with a Personal Touch and Design Innovation

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Koala Mind, a leading meditation podcast in Germany, aimed to expand its brand through a new website, forging a personal connection with the audience while promoting additional services and products.


The web development process went smoothly, but the challenge lay in balancing elegance, simplicity, and human warmth in the design. Capturing Koala Mind's essence, the goal was to create a welcoming atmosphere that resonated with visitors, fostering familiarity and connection for an intuitive and visually appealing user experience.

About Koala Mind

Koala Mind, a prominent meditation podcast in Germany, reached a point of success where its founder, Petra Hess, recognized the need to build a lasting brand. She envisioned a platform that would not only promote live courses and audiovisual content related to mindfulness but also maintain a personal connection with the existing users who had formed a close relationship through the podcast. Striking a balance between a new image and maintaining that personal touch became a crucial aspect of Koala Mind's brand development.

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Identifying the User’s Journey

An intriguing aspect of this project was the diverse user journeys we discovered. Some users arrived by searching for "Koala Mind" on Google, while others were redirected from the podcast. Additionally, there were those seeking meditation courses, meditation challenges, or business collaborations with Petra. To cater to these varying goals, we unanimously decided to create distinct landing pages and provide a unique structure to the website.

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Defining the image

Yoga and meditation sites often strive for a personal touch, typically featuring teachers or instructors promoting their names as brands and utilizing handwritten fonts to create a "natural" aesthetic. However, we believed there was room for improvement.

In our approach, we decided to leverage Petra's image as a complement to other visuals on the website, enabling users to connect with the individuals portrayed and visualize their own goals. Departing from handwritten fonts, we embraced a modern and minimalist style.

To maintain a personal touch, we incorporated a selection of Petra’s portraits and specific quotes from her throughout the site.

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Ongoing Work

There is still work ahead developing the site. The next steps focus is on expanding the online products and services. This entails the development of an online shop where users can easily browse and purchase offerings, providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience.

In addition to these core aspects, Koala Mind recognizes the importance of promoting our brand and engaging with our audience through various graphic materials. This includes the creation of a Media Kit, a collection of professionally designed assets and visual elements that showcase Koala Mind's identity, values, and key offerings.

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